Last week, this week: Sunday, Oct. 16th, 2022


I was on a role with more posts last week. Strangely, being sick allowed me more time to write even though I work as a full-time ELA/Writing teacher. The upcoming week will be a little bit leaner, as I recommit to teaching for 40+ hours now that I am beyond the mend. However, I have some good stuff lined up for the visitors of this blog!

The week should look as follows:

  • Monday: We are going to start the week by examining the word “vengeance” as it relates to horror stories. In my attempts to define it, I have found a very specific definition that relates to many awesome stories.
  • Tuesday: TBD
  • Wednesday: We will analyze a short story by a famous horror author that is steeped in vengeance from beyond the grave…though that vengeance is menacing and perhaps wholly in the mind of the spectre, for only he knows the true depths of his madness.
  • Thursday: TBD
  • Friday: We are going to look at a few examples of literature and this word “vengeance,” and we will see how different authors interpreted this notion.
  • Saturday: TBD
  • Sunday: Last week, this week

I hope everybody has a fantastic week, and please pay attention to the delightful display of fall colors that is currently consuming nature!