Poetry: “Love is a Flame” by George Marion McClellan

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I wanted to share a short poem with you while you are about on this day of cupidity and delight. Reading on Valentine’s Day often comes down to finding poems about love and beauty, which is A-Okay, because so much time digging into poetry is often spent looking for poems that try to explain the trauma in our lives (I think so anyway). In any case, I think because we are still in Black History Month, it is only fair to share a poem featuring a Black voice, and this poem checks the boxes for love and diversity.

In regards to the poem: love burns, as we know, whether we are currently in love or falling out of love…or just falling into love for the first time. The “crucible” in this poem reminds us that no matter what stage we are in as far as love goes, that we must be ardent supporters of that flame–keeping it alight even in the darkest of times.

McClellan writes that, “Love is life,” and this sentiment reflects on those we have taken to love; those that we cherish and will continue to cherish, whether we’ve just met them, haven’t met them yet, or those that we are still continuing to keep aflame after so many years.

“Love is a Flame” by George Marion McClellan

Love is a flame that burns with sacred fire,
And fills the being up with sweet desire;
Yet, once the altar feels love’s fiery breath,
The heart must be a crucible till death.

Say love is life; and say it not amiss,
That love is but a synonym for bliss.
Say what you will of love—in what refrain,
But knows the heart, ‘tis but a word for pain.

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