Last week, this week: Jan. 31st – Feb. 6th

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Today we take a look at last week’s posts and then look ahead to next week. Onward!

Last week

On Monday, we examined the trial of Oscar Wilde, who was unlawfully sent to prison for homosexuality. We also read and discussed Matsuo Basho’s short poem “Winter Solitude.” Moreover, I posted about the bogeyman as a piece of folklore, who transcends Western culture and seems to find a place in most societies–whether appearing in one’s closet or not.

This week

This week we are going to analyze a peculiar film about immorality, apathy, and dissatisfaction. We are also going to read a poem that was submitted to the The Writing Post; additionally, we will have a grammar lesson on Wednesday and look at some end-of-the-week literary goodies.

I hope you stop by for a visit!