Last week, this week: Jan. 10th-Jan. 16th

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I am always trying to keep up with the blog, and it can be a challenge some weeks (as most of you know). Though, I think it’s important to always strive for goals each week, so these posts are my chance to do just that!

Last week

Last week we looked at the top posts from this blog from 2021 and went over some of my resolutions for the year (more posts and more followers). I also went over the movies I watched in 2021. I tried for 100 movies and only watched 70, but there’s always next year! Additionally, we wished J.R.R. Tolkien a happy birthday, went over the usage of intensive pronouns, analyzed the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” and discussed a quote from Ambrose Bierce. It was a busy week!

This week

My plans for this week are twofold. I am going to continue with with the structure of my current weeks, but I also want to focus on one author a week for analysis purposes (we can dig a little deeper that way). For the upcoming week, we are going to look closer at author of Call of the Wild Jack London. I figured it would be appropriate for season; you know, because of the snow and unforgiving cold (supposed to be -4 in some parts of Michigan on Monday).

Anyway, here’s my current plan for the week:

  • Monday: Author Bio
  • Tuesday: The Death of Jack London
  • Wednesday: Grammar Study
  • Thursday: Short Story Analysis
  • Friday: Literature in Film
  • Saturday: Literature and Life
  • Sunday: Last week, this week

Goodbye for now!