I tried to watch 100 movies last year and failed (but I got close)

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I decided to try to watch 100 movies last year and failed. It’s a lot more movies than you think! Even though I didn’t get to 100 movies, I got close. The grand total was 74 films. After trudging along through the year at an even clip, it was in December I realized that I wasn’t going to watch one movie a night, let alone two on some evenings in order to reach 100 films, so I let my goal go instead. My new goal is to watch 100 movies in 2022.

The reason I started this challenge is because as a cinefile (as I find most writers are), I love analyzing movies as I watch them, especially for story elements and things that relate to me as a teacher and a writer. In fact, it’s why I started the “Literature in Film” posts on this very blog!

With that said, the best film I watched this year was either My Dinner with Andre (1981) or Big Night (1996). Interestingly enough, they are both food movies and center on the relationship between two individuals in different modes of crisis (classic!). Last year was a year of crisis just as this year is a year of crisis in its own way (just in different forms).

I would list the worst films I watched this past year, but they were too numerous. I mean, I wanted to love Midnight Run (1988), but it just didn’t happen. Why was it so long?

Anyway, before I get to the list, if you watched any notable movies that you think are worth checking out in 2022, please leave them in the comments so I can add them to my list!

Here’s the list of films I watched in 2021:

  1. Criminal Law
  1. Bringing out the Dead
  2. Master and Commander
  3. My Dinner with Andre
  4. Big Night
  5. January Man
  6. Ed and his Dead Mother
  7. Soul (animated)
  8. Dragonslayer
  9. Hawk the Slayer
  10. The Haunted Palace
  11. Crack the World
  12. The Quick and the Dead
  13. Clay Pigeons
  14. The 6th Day
  15. Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot
  16. The Last Stand
  17. Tactical Force
  18. Top Dog
  19. Drowning Mona
  20. The Gang’s All Here
  21. The Badlanders
  22. Operation Dumbo Drop
  23. Big Bully
  24. Midnight Run
  25. Awakenings
  26. Missing in Action
  27. Tangled
  28. Luco
  29. Monster House
  30. Adam’s Family
  31. Hobo with a Shotgun
  32. Psycho Goreman
  33. Black Dog
  34. Your Highness
  35. Dickie Roberts
  36. Vampire of Brooklyn
  37. The Tomorrow War
  38. Our Idiot Brother
  39. Raising Arizona
  40. In the Heat of the Night
  41. Leatherheads
  42. What about Bob?
  43. So I Married an Axe Murderer
  44. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  45. Stardust
  46. My Blind Brother
  47. Halloweentown
  48. Cats
  49. Muppet Haunted Mansion
  50. Open Season
  51. Jingle All the Way 2
  52. Lego Star Wars Halloween
  53. Lego Star Wars Christmas
  54. Hudson Hawk
  55. Frankenweenie
  56. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  57. Race to Witch Mountain
  58. Halloweentown II
  59. Jungle Cruise
  60. Sidekicks
  61. The Gang’s All Here
  62. The Pacifier
  63. Under Wraps
  64. Jingle All the Way II
  65. Unaccompanied Minors
  66. Serendipity
  67. Do the Right Thing
  68. Klaus
  69. Santa With Muscles
  70. Grumpy Old Men
  71. It’s a Wonderful Life
  72. Army of One
  73. Pete’s Christmas