Top five The Writing Post posts of 2021 and resolutions

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I am trying to reflect on the top posts every year by page view to make sure I am staying aware of which posts are still doing well and which posts are absent from the public eye (there are lots of reasons for that). Sometimes it’s the simpler things that help us open our eyes to what our blog is doing out there on the internet.

As such, today we are going to look at the Top Five posts from 2021, some notable statistical highlights this year, and then my resolutions for the blog in 2022.

These are the top five posts of The Writing Post blog from 2021!

  1. The Three Basic Functions of Language: Informative, Expressive, and Directive
  2. A look at the poem “Knock, Knock” by Daniel Beaty
  3. The most evil books ever written
  4. Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald: Friends and Frenemies
  5. Poem: Thomas Hardy’s “Hap”

Some notable highlights

  • Over 19,000 views
  • Over 15, 000 visitors
  • 116 posts published


  • More posts — I slacked off this year due to a busy schedule and changing dynamics in my life (from the classroom and then back again). This year, I am going to post more often because I enjoy doing it and because it needs to be done for my own sanity.
  • Tighter schedule — I would like to work on setting each day for some particular type of post. Mondays for summary and analysis, while Friday’s are for grammar (or something of the like). I think this will help me stay consistent and give more balance to the blog.