Strange Lessons in the sicklyverse

Last year in a post I mentioned that the fall was a relatively productive time for me because the season pumps up the creative juices in my brain. Ghosts and goblins inspire me, I guess.

Of course this year flipped right over to November and the promise of posting more often took a downturn. No matter. I will blame it on being sick again. I might have a cold (a three-week hanger), but I am still alive even with an unkind, rattly cough. The Halloween spirit has not let go of me.

It is dumb though. The two times in my life that I encountered serious sickness–and Covid is everywhere. There is maybe a lesson I am supposed to learn from this, but I sure as heck don’t know what it is supposed to teach me. Maybe that kids are a fount of germs. Yea. That’s probably it.

Like I said: no matter. There’s lots to write about in November, so I am looking forward to posting, but I need to get healthier first. I will see you next week for sure. Until then, I am gonna march right through this cold (and coming snow) until I am in the clear.

Goodbye for now!