Last week, this week: Oct. 25th – Oct. 31st

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I know I’ve said that I have had long weeks before, but lemme tell ya’ something…

I had final grades due on Tuesday, along with a passage-based writing conference to attend, music practice on Wednesday, parent-teacher conferences on Thursday (luckily it was cancelled but I fell asleep on the couch at 8 o’clock), and to top it all off—I have been sick for a week. The drowsiness will not wear off and I have been hacking up something special. I might even have it tested for scientific purposes. Har har.

All kidding aside, we are going to continue this week with some scary posts in the spirit of Halloween. Stay tuned this week for some great posts about writing!

Last week

Over the course of the past week, we looked at a post by contributing author Benjamin Jon Gohs, who wrote about the accidental prescience of writers, and we also examined the mood in the poem “Moon” by David Wright. Additionally, we discussed the highs of More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which is certainly appropriate for this time of year!

This week

For the upcoming week:

Monday: To start our week off, we are going to learn about the history of Halloween from various writing on the subject.  

Tuesday: TBD

Wednesday: We are going to look at how adjectives and nouns can dress up our sentences, and what we should avoid when using them (don’t worry, I’m guilty of some of the sins of modifiers).

Thursday: TBD

Friday: We are going read a book review about a very Halloweeny novel by one of my favorite authors.    

Saturday: TBD

Sunday: The Halloween weekly wrap-up and a look ahead.

Hopefully it’s a less busy week for myself (and for you too, of course), and I look forward to seeing you in the comments!