Last week, this week: Oct. 11th – Oct. 17th

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This past week turned out to be really busy, but I held in there! And, with this next signaling the end of the first quarter for students at my school, I have no doubt that I am going to be busy grading papers and collecting essential assignments.

With that in mind, this week will probably be light on posts, but I do have a few things in store.

Last week

We looked at the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll last week and learned a few things about Alice and the start of her adventure. Moreover, we looked at a section of a frightening children’s poem about goblins coming and snatching up your children when they don’t behave right!

This week

I am already behind in a lot of my work, and in the spirit of taking some time to myself to have a more manageable life (for the time being anyway), I am going to cut down on posts until I can figure out how to blog more consistently while also keeping up with my job and other hobbies (music).

Nevertheless, I will be writing a few posts this week that are in the spirit of Halloween, because I can’t seem to stop writing even if I want to drop the activity entirely, and the spooky season is definitely here (just look outside today)!

Monday: We will be looking at a spooky short story and discussing its theme as it relates to the horror genre.

Wednesday: We will be summarizing and analyzing a short horror poem by a famous Gothic writer!

Friday: We have a literature and film post that discusses a fantastic author’s tale and the movie version.

So, that’s the plan for this week! I hope to hear from you!