Harvest Festival Book Sale

My family and I traveled to Boyne City yesterday for their Harvest Festival and just so happened to see that the library was having a book sale. So, we investigated.

I found a few books on spirituality, a book on B-movie stars, A River Runs Through It, a book on Celtic myths, and a few other random titles that will probably just collect cobwebs and look good on a shelf. Likewise, as we picked up a free pumpkin, my daughter was also gifted a free book of her own: Ten Fingers, Ten Toes.

It was definitely a book-driven trip at that point, so I stopped at the book shop in Petoskey to grab a few more!

I kept thinking that if we could all just tie in everything we do with literacy we would be better off as humans. Need a coffee? Here’s a book. Playing music? Here’s a book. Visiting your parents? Here’s a book.