Explore poetry this month!

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April is poetry month, and I kind of like these themed occasions because it’s easier for me to organize my thoughts weeks in advance, which makes my life a lot easier as I juggle being a husband, father, teacher, student, and blogger. Regardless, with it being poetry month, I will be sharing some poems that I like a lot, a few of my own, a poetry bio or two, and will get some contributions from other writers as well throughout the next 30 days.

Why this month matters

April is a great time to explore poems that are not only popular and sound good, but it’s also a great month to explore poems that are challenging or difficult to read. Idylls of the King by Tennyson, for instance, can be a fun read if you do research as you move through the text. Sometimes, it just takes a little extra to make that connection with a poem that you would never otherwise read.

It’s also an excellent time to explore authors’ further works rather than the most well-known in their canon. For example, consider reading “Dream-Land” by Edgar Allan Poe rather than “The Raven.” I mean, it is important to go back and reread those works that have influenced you, but maybe try some other lesser known works by an author for learning’s sake! I have found that even though it’s “hipster” to find forgotten works more enjoyable, it’s nice to read something relatively unknown by a familiar writer because you start to see authors as broader figures rather than as acute geniuses.

Also, check out new books of poetry by new authors. It has already been the fault of mine for focusing on the past rather than the now (and I hope to remedy that for this coming year), so don’t be like me and go out and find new poets who are making waves or new poets who are conveying their thoughts in rhyme and rhythm.

Finally, April is just a good excuse to take a running leap into poetry if you have been meaning to in your travels. There is so much worth reading and learning about in the world of poetry, so, hopefully, you find new authors and works this month that will inspire you for years to come!A few poetry resources to check out that I love:

A few poetry resources that I love: