The 2021 midwinter school book haul

This past weekend, I was notified by a family member that a school in my neck of the woods was closing down (sad), and therefore they were getting rid of all their books, so I decided I would tag along with my brother and sister and collect as many of those books as I could for my students (and some for myself, of course).

And, gosh, were there a ton of books to loot.

From Louis Sachar to Beverly Cleary, there were tables filled with all sorts of fun books and stories for all ages, and, honestly, that was excellent. I rummaged through them and all of the memories of elementary school came flooding back to me. The smell of old, rifled through books invaded my nostrils, and I ran my hands over each book jacket with giddy glee (I even pocketed a book about Merlin for myself along with a few others).

At the end of the day, I wasn’t able to go through all of them, and there were still a bunch of books in boxes in my brother’s truck that he was going to take for donations (I have to go through those later for last minute pickings!). Overall, it was a successful book-finding venture, and in pursuit of getting a wider variety of texts for my students, I think I am off to a good start!

(I will post a few of my finds when I get some time).