One hundred posts about reading, writing, and literature history!

Authors. Writers. Books. Poems. Literature History.


This is my 100th post (according to WordPress), which seems like a lot because writing 500 words a day for the last four months has really made the time fly (aside from a brief hiatus to start a new teaching job).

I started The Writing Post as a way to learn more about literature and communication methods so I could take the MTTC in English for my teaching certification (I think it worked because I passed the test and I currently teach secondary ELA to middle schoolers). In addition, I thought The Writing Post was just the excuse I needed to write every day and, for all intents and purposes, it really has been a great way to learn about parts of the writing world that I may have missed, including books, authors, and theoretical approaches.

I will say, though—it has been hard work. At first I was enthusiastic (I still am…just not as enthusiastic as when I started at the beginning of the summer because it’s no longer a fresh venture), but now I have settled into a groove of sorts—even though I miss a few days of writing here and there. But the idea typically sticks: write everyday about some aspect of the craft and learn something new to share with you fine people.

In any case, I hope you have learned something from reading the blog thus far, or maybe you were just entertained by a post, which is the mission of this blog and my mission as a writer. All that means is that I am doing my job as a blogger and writer and that makes me feel good. As such, understand that I appreciate your Likes and comments when I get them, and I am looking forward to the future when I hit 200, 300, and (hopefully someday) 1,000 posts!

Thanks for your support so far,